Weekly Roundtable – What’s On Your Mind?

The Live Stream that was scheduled for tonight at 7:00 PM has been cancelled due to technical difficulties with YOUTUBE streaming. It will be scheduled at a later time.

I apologize for this change.


Join us on Wednesday evening August 21, 2019 at 7:00 PM Eastern time. This will be a live event and you can join us in the chat room and ask questions and give input.

Firefighting Today Weekly Roundtable – Is Recruit Training Effective?

The panel will discuss all aspects of recruit training. Are we teaching the right subjects? What topics are we teaching? How much practical versus classroom theory? Are we teaching values and culture? More importantly than all of that how can we make it better. The panel may also discuss effective methods for teaching certain topics.

Watch us here or watch live on YOUTUBE and join us in the Live Chat room to interact with the panel.

The show archives can also be viewed on Firefightingtoday.com.

What Is Your Most Challenging Non-Fire Response?

Most Challenging Non Fire Response For Your Agency? What are you doing about it to prepare? The panel will discuss what’s on their minds but further will try to help the viewers prepare for what they bring to the table. Is it High Angle Rescue, trench or collapse, is it active shooter, contamination by Fentanyl or even complicated extrication without the proper equipment available. I hope the panel will share it’s expertise for strategic and tactical considerations for the unknown and some decision making solutions.

Watch us here or watch live on YOUTUBE and join us in the live chat.

You can also watch live at firefightingtoday.com or see all of our previous episodes and more!

Weekly Roundtable – Organizational Problems and Solutions

Join us on Sunday December 10, 2017 at 8:00 PM Eastern time  when the panel will discuss some of the most common organizational problems. These will include morale, lack of training enthusiasm, bad officers, bad administration, volunteer recruitment and retention and whatever questions you might have.

Watch here, on firefightingtoday.com or watch live on YOUTUBE and join us in the live chat.