What can the television Emergency teach us?

Many firefighters either watched the original television series or have watched the show in reruns. I thought it would be fun if we took all of the positive things we can find from a 30 year old television show, and whether or not it applies to our modern fire service. This will be a lighthearted discussion with some serious messages that might be current even today. 
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Hazardous Materials

This week the panel will discuss Haz Mat responses, what to do to interface with a team that is responding, ad talk about a couple of case histories where simple responses turned into a haz mat scenario.
You don’t have to be a member of a haz mat team to participate. We are looking to get the average fire department perspective on this.
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How Do You Decide?

We are bombarded with information in all facets of our life, but certainly within the fire service. We learn about new tools, equipment, innovations and ideas.
How do you personally make decisions on what is good or bad, and further how does your department make decisions on the “new stuff” that circulates in your organization.
Where do you get your information?
The panel will brainstorm and see if we can generate some thoughts on this subject.

Watch us live at the events page, or watch us live and comment on youtube to interact with the panel.