Is it OK not to be standard?

This week we will talk with Joe Starnes who asks the leading question,Is it ok not to be standard? We will talk about some alternative options for fireground operations. We will have a directed explanation and overview of a concept, and then the panel and the audience will be able to ask questions.
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SPECIAL NOTE: There is an audio echo problem that occurs for a couple minutes. It does get corrected so I ask that you either try to listen through it, or just search or move the slider (scrub) through it, but do not miss the rest of the content because there is some good stuff here! Accept my apologies for this technical difficulty.

Some thoughts on how to lead a new member

This week the panel will be discussing a conversation I witnessed on the internet this week. What do you do with a “newer” member who acts, and behaves like the have 5 years experience when they have 1 year. Or the five year member that behaves like they have 20 years experience.
The panel will try to offer suggestions that might be beneficial to many departments that have experienced this problem….and most have!
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